We meet in Jerusalem

on December 12-13/2019

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HUM – Hirus Ultra Marathon in the Mountains of Jerusalem. HUM is an integrated initiative of  Israeli trail runners and skilled production personnel, project that is becoming a tradition  and main attraction for runners from Israel and from all over the world. About the race

The HUM event is recognized and appears on the International Trail Running schedule managed by ITRA. As part of this recognition, the race has received points for various routes, which will provide each runner who finishes the route with an option to accumulate points and participate in competitions worldwide, including UTMB. 

Preparation for the race begins by defining clear objectives towards the final goal. The HUM race requires a great deal of preparation – both physical and mental, alongside personal and other logistic matters. Later on, the race portfolio will be published to provide all the required information. for the equipment list click here.

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