Summit – Running & Fitness club aims to offer a solution to a growing community of experienced trail runners who wish to progress and develop in the field, while on the other hand assist none or less experienced runners to discover the better way to migrate from road running to trail running. Technical trail runs and ultra-marathon races have been a leading trend throughout the world for many years. Many events in Israel such as: “Sovev Emek”, “Har la Emek”, “Tanach Tashach” and HUM of course, have brought the developing sport to Israel, and attracted many runners from side roads asphalt running to trail running.

Summit – Running & Fitness Club was established in late 2015 and is a joint venture of Roman Spivak and Ilan Frisch, both are prominent and leading figures in the trail running community in the country. Roman (38) is one of the most powerful trail runners in the country, with experience in many marathons and ultra-marathons. He has been a certified coach for over 13 years and a man who lives and breathes sports. Ilan began his athletic career a little later (An electronics engineer with a high-tech day job), but he caught up with the pace. Ilan participated in several IronMan competitions in Israel and abroad until he finally fell in love with the trail running. In 2010 he was certified as a running and triathlon coach and has since accompanied hundreds of athletes to meet with their sports goals in the world of running and ultra-marathon.

Summit – Running & Fitness is a trail running club, but not only. Our training routine takes place in the center of the country every week and consists of a specific strength training built for trail runners, speed training (Yes, trail runners also develop their stamina), running technique and more. On Fridays, we go for long trail runs in mountainous areas away from the center. Trail Run is a run that combines singles routes, mountain technical ups and downs and is characterized not only by dynamic running speed, but also by the combination of the distance, the cumulative increase along the track and the time you spend on trails where the different tracks require different skills, the views during the runs are just a bonus. Ask our trainees, and they will be more than happy to tell you.

Alongside our weekly training routine, the club produces outstanding running events throughout the year:

  • 4Peaks – A summit convention for the trail runners in Israel. These are four quality running events made with an organization and logistics motives (“Fat Ass”) known from the experience of trail racing events. In every “peak”, there are two routes (long distance route and short one) to suit all runners.
  • Summit Xperience – Once a month, a Friday run is open to the public, a little more challenging and a bit more exotic.
  • Training camps – Each year, summit club runs a number of training camps in Israel and abroad, suitable for all levels of running and abilities. In Israel we traveled most of the country. Eilat mountains in the south, the craters, Jerusalem mountains, the Carmel, the Golan, the Hermon. We have placed training camps in Triglav reserve in Slovenia, the Pirin-Rila mountain range in Bulgaria, and counting…

We are pleased to have the privilege to cooperate with the wonderful guys from HUM race and are confident that it’ll be an amazing experience. We’ll be happy to meet you at the preparation runs before the race on the wonderful Jerusalem hills tracks. In the meantime, we’d like share with you five important tips that will make your run, and our runs together much more fun and satisfying:

  • Maximum concentration during uphills but mainly during downhills. A trail run and especially the technical sections are not the time to resolve the conflict at work or to plan the family dinner. Be 100% focused on the trail route and your next step.
  • Food and drinks – we recommend eating during two hours + running (e.g. every half an hour or more), technical/energy food, banana or dates, salty or sweet, sandwich or snickers. Listen to your body and remember – nutrition during the run is critical for recovery and success.
  • Technique – even if you just want to go out and run without all the excess guidelines and information. The trails may surprise you with unexpected technical sections, a changing route, of long uphill and technical downhills, not to mention rocky or muddy terrain. This is the time to listen, absorb and practice. Although slipping on the butt from time to time is just a part of the game.
  • Alone or together – every long trail run challenges the runner with physical and mental difficulties. It’s is a personal experience that we conduct between ourselves which  makes us much stronger and better runners. However, the secret to our success in many cases are the feloow runners who train with us, accompany us or those we meet during the training sessions and join them. These people are the ones who will get us out of crisis and give us the final push towards the race finish line, and vise versa.
  • We are here to enjoy – the beautiful views and landscapes, the adrenaline, the goals and the challenge we achieve, our quality time with ourselves and our wonderful friends. The hummus and beer at the post-run parliament

Success comes from the persistence made possible by pleasure. So simple, so true.

We are Summit – Running & Fitness. You are invited to take part in our rich training program in the Tel Aviv area throughout the week and improve your skills and technique, experience our trail runs on Fridays and join the events and training camps that we hold throughout the year in Israel and abroad. In the end, we specialize in adult adventures…

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Good luck with the upcoming HUM race and Happy Trails !

Ilan and Roman.