We meet in Jerusalem

on December 12-13/2019

Presentation of the race

The feeling of running in the field, forests, mountains, along the springs and paths, streams and mountain roads. We wanted to share this sense of freedom with you and therefore, we created the HUM event.

The name “Hirus”, which means “holy” in Greek and is one of the ancient names of Jerusalem, was not chosen by chance. This name is aimed to emphasize the connection between the city, from which we will start, and the nature that surrounds it. The connection between the physical challenge of long-distance running and the unforgettable spiritual experience of the race.

HUM event is a TRAIL race that pays tribute to the sport we love, as well as to the athletes and the magnificent landscape of Jerusalem mountains. With such a spectacular decoration, all we have to do is complement it with a production of international standard and invite you to a celebration of running, endurance and field experience.

Your role is to turn the dream into reality and to embark on a unique journey through physical and mental barriers, and eventually, cross the finish line.

See you on December 12 to start the journey.

Race scoring system:

ITRA (International Trail Running Association) is the umbrella organization that in recent years has been a leader in the field of trail running worldwide.

The scoring system introduced by ITRA to rank the level of race difficulty is accepted worldwide and constitutes the requirement for entering the biggest and most significant races, such as the UTMB.

Each route that meets the threshold requirements and strict quality control undergoes a rigorous evaluation, at the end of which the route is ranked according to the level of difficulty.

The organizing committee of the HUM race strives to comply with the highest international standards and therefore, we have submitted our routes for evaluation, in order to receive difficulty rating.

In addition to the difficulty rating, there is also a personal rating system for each athlete. The result of each athlete who finishes a ranked route is weighted according to the personal result of the athlete and provides an up-to date international rating.

Our goal is assist Israeli athletes to participate in all types of trail running in the world and currently, it is possible to accumulate international score and rating, which will allow the athletes to participate in the largest competitions in the world.


The Jerusalem Hirus Ultra Marathon 2017 is the result of the project initiated by senior Israeli trail runners and two reputable companies experienced in the field of event production in general and sporting events, in particular.

The main goal of the race is to connect between trail running and the city of Jerusalem, and to establish an international running event that draws runners from all over the world to Israel.

The organizers have set several norms, according to which the race and event production are conducted. We strive to provide the runners with a comprehensive experience of high quality, as they face various challenges.

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