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on December 12-13/2019

Questions and Answers

When will the race take place?

The race takes place on December 6-7, 2018

What categories and routes are there?

Race 12

Boys/Girls – 16-19

Men/Women – 20-29

Men/Women – 30-39

Men/Women – 40-49

Men/Women – 50-59

Men/Women – 60-69

** In each race, the first three general places will be awarded.

Ultra Marathons

80 km ultra-marathon – in both categories and general places

50 km ultra-marathon – in both categories and general places

Half Marathon

21 km marathon – in both categories and general places

Is the race safe?

We carefully plan our staff, event control and ability to provide the participants with suitable solutions and safe environment. There will be 9 refreshment stations in the 80 km race and additional inspection stations where required. In addition, medical staff will be deployed in the field and production team’s vehicles will also patrol the area.

Is there any mandatory equipment?

Yes. On the equipment page, you can find the mandatory equipment list for each race. The equipment shall be examined prior to registration. Additional details can be found on the equipment list page.

What is the difficulty level of the race?

The race is defined as challenging. The 50 km and 80 km races, the rout includes technical running areas, requires uphill and downhill running and takes place mostly at night.

Will the runners get water and food during the race?

Refreshment stations will be placed along the route to provide the runners with water and light food.

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